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Scalp Micro Pigmentation Answers- Why does SMP ink turn blue or green?

One of the most common questions in regards to getting SMP or Subtle P treatment is why or how does the ink turn blue or green.

Many consumers may be confused to see "SMP ink" which is truly just the simplest form of black tattoo ink. So, aside from some marketing language choosing a good smp ink is quite simple for any artist. Tattoo inks have been around and constantly reworked and refined for centuries if not longer. To find the best SMP ink is to look at the tattoo ink manufacturers and see what has been tried and true throughput the years.

The most common reason SMP results appear greenish or blueish is simply artist error or unawareness. The depth the needle is inserted dictates much of the process results. Once the needle and ink go too deep into the scalp, the ink will remain firm until removed via a laser or saline removal process.

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