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Updated: Feb 11, 2020


In this video im going to talk to you about the topic of what makes you bald ?

Here is a quick rundown of what you will learn: First i will tell you that regardless of your actual age , experiencing hair loss can be devastating and make you feel like your age has been accelerated.

Next i will discuss a topic where a growing trend of balding men seem to be getting married and settling down earlier in life . When asked a lot of these men stated how their hair loss had impacted their life decisions regarding this topic.

Then im going to teach you about a procedure called #SMP ( SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION)A permanent hairless solution that i Personally have performed on thousands of clients over the last 10 years.

Speaking of how hair loss impacts you , I will visit the topic of how hair loss makes people and the hopelessness associated with experiencing a hair loss. In the end you will have a handful of actionable strategies that you can use to regain your self confidence and restore your hairline making you feel more like you again .

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Here we go, here's a great example. I think public speaking is a fear of a lot of people and so it's like an old-fashioned remedy, if you're afraid of public speaking, they say imagine everybody naked. And what does that do? That strips everybody's ability to laugh at you away, right because they're naked, they're exposed. That's how a bald guy feels, all the time. That's why we wear the hats, that's why we put those goofy hair pieces on, that's why we put those goofy makeups in our hair. It's because we feel naked, we feel like we're in public walking around without clothes on, we feel exposed in literally the exact same way.

What else makes you bald? Well, I could be 20, I could be 30, I could be 40 but if I'm bald, I feel like I'm 50. If I'm 20, I've already felt like I was 40 for a couple of years. So what makes you bald is you definitely feel you walk around a lot older. You have to, you have to walk around older because that's the way everybody sees you. And that comes back to the acceptance.

It's almost like realizing you're an alcoholic, I've never had that issue myself, but I realize people go to meetings and it's not until, it could be 10 years of drinking or five years of drinking, it's not until they discover and admit, I'm an alcoholic, that they actually start to find closure and get on with their lives. It's the same thing. Guys will walk around with thinning hair, it's like you have to accept that you're bald first and so what does bald look like?

That 30 year old who's accepted that he's bald. Typically, I think a lot of guys that are in their 20s or 30s, if they have a family, I think they're more inclined to find a wife, get married and have kids and kind of settle into that older life because they're already bald. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but any guy with hair loss out there is like, you're validating me. I'm like, yep, yep. We all feel that way, definitely.

Wow that's heavy to think about, though.

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