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Updated: Feb 11, 2020


In this video im going to talk to you about my personal journey with #smp and how i became a provider in this industry .

Here is a quick rundown of what you will learn: First i will talk to you about how i became aware of this procedure and its existence.

Next i will discuss all the different ways i was trying to conceal my hairless before i turned to #smp as the answer. Then i am going to talk to you about my perspective on hair loss at that time and how it changed when i became aware of #smp . Speaking of perspective i am interested for my followers and maybe people thinking about getting this procedure to comment below on how you first started trying to mitigate your hair loss?

In the end you will have a handful of actionable strategies that you can use to regain your self confidence and restore your hairline making you feel more like you again .

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- - So my story starts you know, doing some Google searching back in the day, at this point in time I was pushing mid-twenties and I was wearing makeup in my hair for a couple years already. 

You know I had four roommates at home. I'm from the Philadelphia area, I had a girlfriend, she didn't know that I stole her eyeshadow so I could cover up my hair loss.

Anyway, I was losing too much hair and I started you know, just as desperation's seeping in for everybody, I started Googling some options and I thought maybe I'll get a tattoo on my head. Like, I don't know a basketball, a Liberty Bell, the world map, something, better than my hair loss.

So, that's when I started Googling and that's how I came across this SMP. Of course it wasn't called SMP you know, 11 years ago, it was called a hair tattoo. And I went for it and that, that started what I didn't know would be my career, so.

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