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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

In this video im going to talk to you about what kind of needles are used in an #SMP procedure ? Here is a quick rundown of what you will learn:


First i will tell you that there are many different answers to this question but in short my belief is you achieve the best results by using a single needle.

This takes more time and is a much more detailed form of art. Again though i believe the level of results you achieve with a single needle are far superior.

Next i will discuss a topic Of how different providers may use a 3 needle and thats ok . But my personal preference is to use again the one needle.

Then i am going to teach you the difference between healed results and same day before and after results . It is very hard to get a accurate depiction of the quality of the results if they are shown from the same day as the procedure.

Results vary drastically in the coming days and weeks after the completion of a #smp session. Speaking of the amount of ink that a 3 needle applies to the scalp i will visit the topic of when ink settles into the skin and the long term effects of large ink impressions .

In the end you will have a handful of actionable strategies that you can use to regain your self confidence and restore your hairline making you feel more like you again .

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- Cool, okay so what needles do you want to look for? What needles should an artist or provider be using if you're looking to get this done?

So, 80-90 % of the world is using a three needle. And there's definitely a lot of space for that, there's definitely an acceptance for that, but I would highly suggest find someone that can utilize and does utilize a single needle. It's more time consuming, it's going to take more labor. But, the result is just so worth it.

That's so, that is so important bro, that's like totally what separates me from everybody else as well. So, I really want to hit that... This is what separates Scalp Logic from all the other results out there,

as a passionate, crazy artist I get frustrated when people compare, single needle results versus three needle results, when I can see a clear difference an obvious difference.

And again the size of the impressions, is my reference. But, it's not just the size of the impressions, it's the amount of ink, that's packed into the skin.

And you have to consider, ink can only go one way, it's not going to fade out into the clouds, it's only going to go deeper and deeper into the skin.

So, for that reason and many more reasons, a single needle, should be sought after, definitely.

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