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Does Subtle Scalp Micropigmentation work for long or short Hair?

The short answer is no. The reason being is that if you apply a truly undetectable smp treatment to any given scalp, the boldness and fullness of grown out, three dimensional hair (compared to 2d smp) is too much for smp to match and show through.

As you can see from the example below, an up close inspection of the "after smp" picture that the impressions left from Subtle smp treatment are so tiny that they match the same size of a shaved down hair stubble. In other words it matches a shaved down or buzzed down look perfectly. Once real hair is grown out 3-5 days or so (different for each case) the real hair will be too long, dark, full, and pronounce to be able to match the subtle ink impressions.

What about the nice Before & After pictures you find online?

The results found online of long hair smp, also referred to as "density smp" is mostly immediate result pictures. The issue with this display is that the irritation caused from smp treatment creates a more full and complete look. Once the redness and irritation dissipates, (takes 1-2 days) the fullness captured in the immediate photo goes away and the results lack in fullness. There are few cases that smp can truly give a gnetleman with thinning and longer hair quality results.

Another reason the immediate result can trick a consumer is the left over ink or pigment sitting in the hair. This photo below is a great example of this concept. This particular client was happy with his results, although the healed final result does not produce the fullness displayed in the after photo.

Any Examples of Density SMP with good results?

The two main factors that apply to determine whether or not someone is a good candidate for long or short hair smp is:

  1. Do they have enough remaining hair? An established hairline, no areas that are too bare, and a realistic perspective of outcome are all necessary.

  2. Can they anticipate keeping that amount of hair that is left for the long term? This may require taking medications just to ensure no further hair loss. Too often, guys are anxious and a bit desperate to conceal any hair loss that they opt for treatments or procedures that will only look good for a short time. Once enough hair loss takes place, shaving down all the way is the only way to see and enjoy smp treatment.

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