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Do Bald Guys who get Subtle Scalp Pigmentation Really Live a Better Quality of Life?

How do we measure a mans quality of life? That can be tricky to say as we all have different wants and desires. Now, we can most certainly assume that major stressors or anxieties lessen the quality of a persons life. With that, lets address an unspoken truth that applies to almost all men around the world, male pattern baldness can and does suck the soul out of life for guys in every sense, especially if it goes unaddressed. Experiencing balding lessens the quality of a man's life. How a man reacts or responds is crucial in regards to peace and happiness.

If that sounds extreme or dramatic to you then you probably have not experienced hair loss first hand. Everyone will respond differently, but nonetheless it is rarely if ever welcomed. As common as male pattern hair loss is, (affects 1 in 2 men by age of 40) nobody can argue that a man appears more disheveled, poor, unhealthy, and simply older and less attractive when experiencing balding. How a man plays his "hair loss cards" can ultimately decide whether he can live his best life... or not.

How far does balding actually bleed into everyday life? Does balding dictate a mans profession? Does it influence whether or not a man gets a raise or a higher position? How much does it affect what kind of partner a man ends up with? These things are perhaps superficial and not most important by themselves. Nonetheless, if you consider all of the elements that make up an individuals lifestyle and environment, it is easy to realize that an individuals self image or self worth is conditioned by how they see themselves. It is actually quite simple.

So, bald men out there. What are you going to do?

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