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Updated: Feb 11, 2020


In this video im going to talk to you about the psychology of being bald.

I will specifically touch on the psychology of going bald under 30 years old. Here is a quick rundown of what you will learn:

First i will tell you that having experienced a hairless myself that hairless is extremely impactful to a person's self worth . Next i will discuss the next step which could most likely be the hardest step. You must accept first that this is your life and you must take charge to find a solution. The good news is that there is hope.

Then im going to teach you about a procedure called #SMP ( SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION)A permanent hairless solution that i Personally have performed on thousands of clients over the last 10 years.

Speaking of social media you will also learn tons of exclusive information if you visit my above listed links. Daily i upload videos across all of my platforms to try and help educate people about hairless solutions. You will find examples of the procedure being applied and real life clients giving testimonials on how this process gave them back their hairline. In the end you will have a handful of actionable strategies that you can use to regain your self confidence and restore your hairline making you feel more like you again .

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Some guys will lie to themselves, I'll say, with lack of better words, for a month, for a year sometimes, but just admitting to yourself that this is actually happening. A good example is like the guy who's thinning right here and everybody knows it and just keeps growing it out or dying it. Everybody kinda knows, but they don't really say anything 'cause it's such a sensitive subject, but it's brutal to go through yourself.

It's like, accepting that's your fate. Essentially it's like okay, this is my life, this is my avatar, I'm dealing with this, and then all of a sudden you just wake up one day and no will of your own, you're just like okay, something else I have to deal with. I'm gonna be uglier, I'm gonna be older. I'm gonna look older to everyone's eyes out there in society. And it's not something anybody enjoys. It's just something you have to absorb, and some guys are like ninjas absorbing it, and even I'm impressed with that, but 90%, most guys, it's suffocating, it's a hardship.

It's something that we have to work through for sure and I would love more of a platform, more awareness for the world to understand. Anyone who's never gonna experience hair loss to understand someone going through that, you can almost look at it, and this sounds a little dramatic, but I really mean it, it's like a handicap. It's like a disease. It is a disease, I'd argue. It is a disease to some respect. It's like an emotional mental disease that you have to overcome. So just gettin' the word out for people to understand that.

Everyone has their stories. Everyone has the stories, like we all know what we look like when we look in the mirror, but again, we kinda lie to ourselves, make ourselves feel better. It's like "Oh, I'm not that short, I'm not that fat, "I'm not that bald.", right? It's human of us, but when we get exposed out there, when we're at the bar, when we're at the club, when we're at a house, wherever we are, every guy knows, they all have their story. I can go on and on and on for days of stories I've heard. And that's what really hurts, and that's what wakes most guys up, when they see the picture from the behind. Gosh, I think of so many guys that I've worked on in the past year. When you get that picture of the back of your head. For me, I was a gym member at, what was it, Planet Fitness, which was like a decade ago, and I was putting makeup in my hair, right in the front here, and they have like a camera when you come in the front door, and so I knew I was thinning a little bit, I knew I had to manage it, but it was kinda like I thought it was under control 'cause it was minor. And then I go through the check-in, and I look up at the screen, and it's like the screen was right here, so you had to like really angle your head just to catch the back of your head, but every day I would go in, I would make it a habit to stare at that screen and just . I would cringe to myself and then have that conversation.

"Is that me? "No, it's not me. "Was that somebody else? "Was that my head?" It's almost like you're not looking at yourself, right? Again, the acceptance. It takes a while. It takes a while to accept! I would argue some guys never fully accept it.

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