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In this video i am going to talk to you about what is the difference between tattoo needles and (SMP) needles.

Here is a quick rundown of what you will learn: First i will talk to you about the Needles:

Next i will discuss the use of needles in the (SMP) industry.

Then i am going to talk to you about the perspective on the narrative of medical appeal within the industry.

Speaking of perspective i am interested to learn if you guys think of the (SMP) application is more as a hairless solution or a cosmetic medical procedure like plastic surgery or something more along those lines?

In the end you will have a handful of actionable strategies that you can use to regain your self confidence and restore your hairline making you feel more like you again .

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Scalp Artist -Joe Taylor


So what needles are used? In the SMP world.

So this is a common misconception and it comes from a couple different groups and that's what's so unique about SMP. You know, there's no reference book.

The reference book is being written on SMP right now and so the different groups that are kind of adding to the reference book are the permanent makeup women, the tattoo people which are slight, and the people just doing SMP and then maybe I'll throw the doctors in there as well.

So, with that, there's a couple different groups coming together here and a couple different, a couple different conversations going on.

So, the word micro is used a lot. Essentially what people need to know is the equipment, the needles that are used, are one hundred percent, in every way, the same that a tattoo artist would use.

But what you need to understand about that is, a tattoo artist would only use these needles if he's doing maybe a finger tattoo. Something really small and intricate, so without staying in the tattoo world too long, probably a tattoo artist wouldn't have too many of those small little needles in his bank, in his repertoire, because you're not going to make a lot of money doing little intricate tattoos, right? Probably something on the arm or the back, whatever. So, you know, it's something, it's a topic that most people in the industry learn from, the tattoo world.

And so they'll put on the coat, the white coat, or a doctor will just never use the word tattoo they'll use the word like micro needles, pigments instead of inks and things like that.

But, nonetheless, there's no getting around, it's a piece of steel, a piece of metal and it's a small size. There's only so many different ways you can reinvent that.

And so, it's a, it's a you know the gauge size is definitely important. There's a couple different gauge sizes that I use. In the SMP world, everybody's using either a single needle or a three needle. And what I mean by that is, three pins that are soldered together to make one dot when it makes an impression. Right, so a single needle and a three needle. I would say maybe eighty percent of the SMP world is using primarily a three needle,

which is going to give you a slightly larger impression, it's going to pack more ink in. There's a lot to it, this is where the art really comes in. I use a single needle and a three needle on almost all of my clients in any given session, depending on the canvas, depending on what we're trying to achieve, I'll kind of mix and match.

But I have just a couple different sizes and they're small. Essentially what people need to realize out there, and we did this for years and years and years is you make a couple of impressions with these needles and we match it up under a microscope and see what size needles match an acutal hair follicle impression.

And that's what we're shooting for.

We're trying to match, literally, the same size as a real hair follicle.

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